We are a small, independent day school for infants through Grade 8 in Stamford, CT. As our Reopening Plan for full-time, on-campus learning took shape this past summer, we were researching a way to capture our students' wellness information before entering the building. We started looking into different apps that were available knowing that our school needed something simple and extremely user-friendly for a community of our size, as well as easy to manage from an Administrative standpoint. We have found the School Wellness Screener to be a great asset to our school in support of our new daily arrival protocols. The app is very easy to complete for the end user, and we have received thorough, attentive and swift customer service in response to all of our questions.

Jeannette B.

Stamford, Connecticut

While spending the summer planning for reopening, we knew we needed a daily screener. After searching for various government and state-backed apps, none did what we needed them to do. Effie [Ephraim Zimmerman] and his team came through in a big way, helping us with modifications and tweaks quickly. I am continually impressed with their responsiveness and the ease of using School Wellness Screener.

Ryan B.

Collegeville, Minnesota

The School Wellness Screener App has been an amazing partner as we opened school with students coming to campus. Their professional team has created an application for students, parents, coaches, faculty, and staff to keep everyone healthy as we return to campus after the lockdown. One of my favorite things about this company is their amazing technical support. As we onboarded this new software we could easily contact leadership from SWS to help with any questions or application issues that arose. This company's software works great for making sure everyone complies with health standards before entering the buildings on campus. I would highly recommend this product to any business that is looking for a way to keep their employees healthy as they return to work.

Matt F.

Albuquerque, New Mexico