Bugs & crashes.


If there is a loading icon when you try and take the screener, please log out and log back into the app. This issue generally occurs when your password is reset and your account is no longer verified, or your school accidentally edited information so you are unable to gather new information. If this issue persists, please contact us directly at

If you’re getting the message that your email address already exists, please close the app, and attempt to login, not re-register. You may do this by pressing “RE-LOGIN”, the button in orange letters on the bottom of the home screen of the app with the SWS double circle logo.

If it says your email address does not exist, it is most likely because when you initially setup the account you typed in your email address incorrectly. Please contact us at for further assistance if this issue persists.

If you are submitting a screener with 100% health but are getting your QR code scanned in as having an issue (for 2 or more days in a row) please contact us at This issue occurs because of a local connection issue.