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Frequently asked questions.

What does it cost?

SWS is $550 USD (charged once every school year) for every set of 500 accounts you decide to purchase for your school. An account is every person who is able to take the screener.

How is the information stored?

We store your information on Google Cloud Servers. We're members of the Student Privacy Pledge and adhere to HIPAA.

How does it work for admins?

Admins scan QR codes directly from their phone, and (some) admins can download information, such as attendance, users who haven't submitted the screener, completed screener information all into .CSV files.

My school only has young children, will it still work?

Yes. Parents can register on behalf of their children and submit screeners for them. People can also share accounts, so each parent would have access, for example. People can create accounts as faculty, parents and students.

How do the QR codes work?

The QR codes are static IDs, meaning they don't automatically update every day. We give you access to print them out so they can be put on student ID badges, or even pins. When an admin scans the QR codes, the app makes sure they (or their parent) submitted the screener that day with no issues.

How do the questions work?

The school has 100% control over their own questoins. They can add/edit them at any time, and add as many as they want.

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